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This is Your Personal Invitation to Attend the EIGHTH Annual Recruiting Firm Owner Summit, a FREE Virtual Event Taking Place March 21-24, 2017 Entirely Over the Phone and Via Webcast

imgSponsor-EMInfoDear Friend,

We all know the demand for our services has NEVER BEEN BETTER. However, you may be challenged in getting the fees you deserve, the timely responses you deserve, and bluntly, the RESPECT you deserve!

Getting these is an "Art Form" that requires one to study new techniques to implement effectively.

This Is Your Invitation to Attend...

You're invited to attend for FREE, yes, at NO CHARGE, the WORLD'S LARGEST Permanent Placement Training Event, taking place March 21 to March 24, 2017! Last year, we had over 2,400 Recruiters from 6 continents attend this completely virtual event.

This is our 8th annual Recruiting Firm Owner Virtual Summit and I am proud to host some of the world's most famous recruiting trainers, such as:

  • Danny Cahill

  • Nicky Coffin

  • Terry Edwards

  • Neil Lebovits

  • Bob Marshall

  • Pasquale Scopelliti

  • Tricia Tamkin

  • Jason Thibeault

  • Mark Whitby

Attend this year and go from annoying vendor to TRUSTED ADVISOR! This year's sessions are designed to GIVE YOU the insight you need to excel in 2017. You can see the details of each of their sessions by scrolling down.

  • Discover...

    …how to become a true Trusted Adviser to your clients!

  • Discover...

    …the strategies for getting higher fees!

  • Discover...

    …the new “you” in recruiting!

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Here Are the Strategies You'll Learn
at the 2017 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit

Psychic or Psyched Out? How to Accurately Measure Your Pipeline

Danny Cahill

Will it be a great month? I mean it looks good, lots of activity, a few second interviews. Candidate seems really interested. But I've been here before. Then it all falls apart and the depression sets in. What an emotional roller coaster this biz is? Uh, no, it isn't. Or doesn't have to be. There are clear signs when a deal is going to happen and even more signs when it isn't. We just look the other way. Great recruiters hope for the best while they prepare for the worst. They are never caught off guard. And they traded in their "gut feelings" for biz intelligence and data points long ago. We'll show you how to become "CLEAR-voyant." You'll never have to wonder how much money you're going to make this month. You'll know exactly!


The 4 Big Mistakes Recruiting Firm Owners Make That Limit Placements, Strangle Growth, & Kill Their Focus

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

Are You:

⇒ Frustrated with internal recruiters, getting "jammed" on fees, low or no response rates from hiring managers, etc.?

An owner who is frustrated that during this true BOOM TIME, your recruiters' production or even YOUR production is lagging?

⇒ Unsure how to motivate your team, or are frustrated with turnover?

⇒ A solo-operator, who's STUCK at the same level of production, or worse LOWER as the economy expands?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this session is for YOU!

Please Know... It doesn't have to be that hard! There is a clear path to $500k in billings if you're a solo operator. There is a clear path to becoming a $1 mm office and taking 6 weeks (or more) vacation a year. Listen in!

Inbound Marketing Roadmap for Recruiters: How to Generate Warm Leads on Autopilot

Mark Whitby

Most 360 degree recruiters struggle to market and recruit simultaneously, which leads to inconsistent billings and stomach churning stress when you're facing a bad month. But it doesn't have to be that way!

What You'll Learn:

⇒ The recruiter's dilemma: how to keep your sales funnel full while delivering on current job orders

⇒ How to generate 5-25 warm leads (or more) per week on autopilot

⇒ The simple method to say 'goodbye' to feast or famine, 'hello' to predictable revenue

⇒ How to become a recognized authority in your market niche

⇒  And much more!

"The Recruiting Firm Owner Summit had some great speakers that provided excellent takeaways that I am able to utilize immediately.  The Summit provided a ton of great content — more information than one can typically digest in the short-term, however, the structure allowed me to focus my limited time on the topics most important to me without losing a full day out of the office. I was able to download the sessions I wanted to focus on later."

Ted Saxerud
Anjela M. Mangrum

"I keep attending the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. It is worth it! Being able to listen (and re-listen) to the top notch content at my leisure is great. Each of the speakers have provided fantastic tips I can implement immediately in my search firm.

"These are top trainers who have walked the walk and have great insights into what it takes to thrive in this changing economy. I have recommended this virtual event to many other recruiters and I am already looking forward to next year."

Anjela M. Mangrum
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Here's What Else You'll Discover...

The Recruiting Success Spectrum: From Rookie, to Executive Recruiter, to Talent Broker, to Power Broker

Pasquale Scopelliti

Every recruiter is on a path that goes up a mountain. There are multiple camps along the way before you reach the pinnacle of recruiting excellence. Where are you on the path? And what will it take for you to reach the next level?

What You'll Learn:

 The four levels of recruiting success and the keys to determine where you are

The key differences between your current level of mastery and the next so you get unstuck

How to take that first step out of your current slump so you continue your courageous journey

⇒ And much more!

Solo/Independent Recruiter Success Panel: Discover How 3 Owners Increased Business from 56% to 237% in 2016

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

This is a great time of the year to call a quick "time out" to get clear on a strong 2017. You probably have goals, but do you have a clear PATH to get there?

To help you out, I am interviewing 3 successful Solo/Independent Recruiters who grew billings by up to 227% in 2016!

They each will share with you a couple of strategies you can put in place now to impact your desk NOW with more openings, more exclusives, most importantly MORE BILLINGS, etc.

What You'll Learn:

⇒ How they went from ALL contingency and got engaged deposits upfront

⇒ The simple way they started billing MORE, while working LESS

⇒ How they freed up 2-4 hours per day (and how you can too)

7 Secret Habits of Millionaire Recruitment Business Owners

Nicky Coffin

Discover the 7 habits of millionaire recruitment business owners and how to use these habits to build and scale a rock solid recruitment business to 7 or 8 figures… WITHOUT working yourself into an early grave.

What You'll Learn:

=> What the 'uber-successful' recruitment business owners are doing to manage their team, generate profits and grow exponentially - model these habits today and watch your bottom line SOAR, while you get less and less busy!

⇒ How 3 of my clients added an extra seven figures in 6 months and kickstarted their growth using a few simple 80/20 principle strategies

⇒ Why the '360 Model' is dying... and the best way to structure your team so they eat up less of your time while billing 3x more!

⇒ How to destroy 'feast & famine' for good while adding extra revenue within 7 days using existing resources right under your nose...

⇒ How to fire yourself and step away from the hands billings once and for all - it's easier than you probably think!

"I’m an alumni of the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit and I can tell you with confidence and without knowing who the speakers will be, that I will be signing up for next year’s summit. The content is so relative to what is happening NOW in the market. The insights that are provided by the industry leaders who speak at the summit are invaluable to any firm owner. Apply just a couple of points that you pick up and you WILL see an increase in billings! Thank you for continuing to host such a great and accessible event!"

Joshua Furtado
Kyle Largent

"The Recruiting Firm Owner Summit did an EXCELLENT JOB of addressing the many areas that must be managed by an owner. The speakers did an excellent job of providing valuable takeaways that can be implemented immediately; to improve the quality of service, our messages to clients and candidates, while discussing new technologies impacting our business. This is one of the finest owner training events I attended and I didn’t have to leave my office and I have the recordings to listen to again and again!"

Kyle Largent
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By Attending the Virtual Summit, You'll Also Learn...

The Foundation of Recruitment: Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant

Bob Marshall

Some years ago, Bob decided to conduct an experiment. He asked 40 selected Recruiters to go to their Hiring Managers and ask if they knew what a Recruiter did for a living. In response, he received 40 different answers. He thought it might be the way the Recruiters were framing the question.

He then asked those same 40 Recruiters, "What do you think you do for a living?" Again, he got 40 different responses. Bob came to the realization that Recruiters don't really understand what they do for a living. Recruiters know they do certain things, but everybody has a different idea about what are those things. In fact, this is one of the reasons the recruiting profession is such a difficult profession in which to get proper training. There are so many different things that recruiters do, and you don't have to be much off to miss the target completely.

In order to teach this to the new Recruiter, and also help re-train the tenured Recruiters, Bob will share his wisdom based on an analogy called Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant.


Strategies that Work to Get Highly Responsive Clients: More Strategies on Turning Suspects into Prospects and Prospects Into Clients!

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

Invest an hour with Mike who invested 25-years studying why we get treated like garbage and how to go from an annoying vendor to a trusted adviser with your clients!

What You'll Learn:

⇒  Marketing strategies that get you in the door (without it getting slammed in your face)!

⇒  What is turning off your prospects when you speak with them (and how to avoid that forever)!

⇒  Why your calls aren't getting returned and how to change that

⇒  Why you get quoted low fees and take-it-or-leave-it terms (I'll give you strategies that can turn these into engaged fees)

Discover How to Stop Cold Calling, Battling With Gatekeepers, Voicemails, and Get Prospects to Call You Instead

Terry Edwards

Think about it - have you ever been cold-called by a doctor? Of course not! You find the doctor when you need them. If your search firm is like 95% of other search firms, you are missing out on millions in sales doing what most search firms are doing to get business. The fact is the top performing search firms never ever cold call, indeed cold calling is banned by our Search clients.

After years of dialling for dollars, banging on doors, enduring constant rejection, and working on job orders, and never filling them, it's time to do something different. If you are making just ONE cold call per day, you are wasting time and wasting money.

What You'll Learn:

⇒ Why prospects will never ever buy from you - and what to do about it

⇒ How to get prospects coming to you and wanting to pay you a retainer

⇒ How to always get higher fees every time

⇒ Why your competitors will never offer their services to the MAJORITY of prospects and why you MUST do the same

⇒ The secret formula so you are treated as an expert by your prospects

⇒ Why you must stop cold calling so you can work less and earn more

“By attending the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit, I was able to take away valuable information from other guys in the industry who have proven themselves time and time again. The information shared has given me new methods to structure my business, ways that I can recognize a “real” order, and has shown me how to increase the billing from my desk and the desks of my recruiters.

I also appreciate the fact that I can go back and listen to the speakers again later if I missed something or if I needed to take a call in the middle of the live presentation. Thank you guys for a successful summit. I’m looking forward to attending next year’s as well.”

Josh Sauter
Ross Weil

“Thank you for putting together the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. It was invigorating to hear from industry gurus that still make placements and work a desk. The content of the telesummit was broken down into details that can actually be implemented into our business, which seems to be one of our biggest challenges. We have already started tracking metrics in new ways and have started to make placements in a more effective and efficient way. I look forward to attending the virtual summit next year.”

Ross Weil
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You'll Also Discover These Tactics...

Efficiency Hacks & Money Stacks: Four Tools the Best Recruiters Use to Close More Deals

Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault

Running a desk and a business sometimes feels like two jobs too many. Your time is being sucked away while solutions are eating at your profit. Spend an hour with Jason and Tricia to add time back to your life and money back to your wallet. This session includes a screen share, rather than only on the phone. You'll learn better if you can watch it being done.

What You'll Learn:

⇒ How to tell who's actually opening your emails and their interest level in becoming a candidate or a client

⇒ Spend 30 seconds and no money to get a notification if any candidate you presented accidently gets hired

⇒ Quickly get done most things you need to run your search firm for less than lunch at TGI Fridays

⇒ Learn what to outsource and how: combine two free tools to make it cheap, easy and more accurate than you imagined

The Prep of All Briefs - The Keys to Maximizing Your Placements

Neil Lebovits

We all know how important the brief is, but do we really do it the right way? In this session, Neil teaches the best strategies and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

What You'll Learn:

⇒ How to structure your prep for the most effective result

⇒ How to give compelling reasons for your candidates to listen to you

⇒ How to finally fix the problem of candidates discussing salary on their interviews once and for all

⇒ A complimentary resource that you can send to your candidates to have them self-prepped

Using Social Media in Recruiting to Become an Irresistible Magnet for Clients & Candidates

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

Tweeting job openings on Twitter is not a social media strategy. In this session you will learn KEY strategies on how to use Social Media the RIGHT way, PLUS, you'll learn how to easily install a few strategies that integrate several common social media platforms that will allow you to:

⇒  Become a "micro-celebrity" in your recruiting niche

⇒  Get clients calling YOU (and working on YOUR terms) with hot new assignments

⇒  Breaking through the "clutter" of information overload to be the "go to" recruiter in your niche

⇒  How to do this in less than ONE HOUR per week

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Must Attend
the 2017 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit

  • Benefit #1

    No complicated technology. Just pick up your phone, dial the number to listen in.

  • Benefit #2

    Interact with the host and speakers during the Q&A or in the online virtual lounge.

  • Benefit #3

    Get cutting edge tactics in just four days from the comforts of home or office.

  • Benefit #4

    You save time because you can attend the equivalent of a conference without the hassle of travel.

  • Benefit #5

    You and your recruiting team can huddle in a boardroom and listen to the tactics so you boost billings.

  • Benefit #6

    The cost to listen to the sessions LIVE is FREE. All you need to do is invest your time.

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The speakers want to expose their tips to as many recruiting firm owners as possible. That way, you can get to know the industry’s leading experts at no risk to you.

You’re getting 4 hours of training over a 4-day period, totalling 12 hours. Once the virtual summit ends, I’ll be charging as much as $497 for access to the recordings.

To get access to the call-in details and the call schedule, click on the button below and fill out the registration form.

After you click Submit, check your inbox for an email from me with all the details. Then, plug in the dates and times of the live calls into your calendar and attend them at no cost to you.

"The speakers were an excellent group of experts in each of the important subjects covered. Each one had a significant contribution and new content that offered recruiting owners ways to increase their bottom line sales and improve their firms. It was intensive training at its best. What’s great is we can go back and listen again to each speaker – which will further solidify the techniques and encourage the implementation.

“I also gained so much new information from the summit that was not only useable and exciting, but also crucial to succeeding in today’s market. I would highly recommend you to all recruiting owners to invest the time and money to take access the summit. A further comment – the sense of humor that Mike and the other speakers brought to the summit helped to lighten the intense content and make each day zip by. No boring speakers at this summit! I am looking forward to future telesummits– keep me posted."

Jan Gibson

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