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We all know the demand for our services has NEVER BEEN BETTER. However, you may be challenged in getting the fees you deserve, the timely responses you deserve, and bluntly, the RESPECT you deserve!

Getting these is an "Art Form" that requires one to study new techniques to implement effectively.

Access the Recordings from the...

I'm excited to offer the MP3 downloadable recordings from the WORLD'S LARGEST Permanent Placement Training Event!

For our 7th annual virtual summit, we had over 2,500 Recruiters from 6 continents attend this completely virtual event. I was proud to host some of the world's most famous recruiting trainers, such as:

  • Danny Cahill
  • Jon Bartos
  • Greg Doersching
  • Bob Marshall
  • Neil Lebovits
  • Mike Lejeune
  • Conni LaDouceur

Invest in the downloadable MP3 recordings and ARM yourself for the War For Talent! This year's sessions are designed to GIVE YOU the insight you need to excel in 2016. You can see the details of each of their sessions by scrolling down.

  • Discover...

    …how to become a true Trusted Adviser to your clients!

  • Discover...

    …the strategies for getting higher fees!

  • Discover...

    …the new “you” in recruiting!

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Here Are the Strategies You'll Learn
When You Get the Recordings

Slumping in a Hot Market: What's Wrong With Me? A How-to-Fix-Yourself Session

Danny Cahill

Danny Cahill started at Hobson Associates right out of college. He became its Rookie of the Year, top producer and general manager by the age of 26. At 27 he bought the company and built it into one of the country’s largest search firms specializing in Software Sales, Bio Tech Sales and Industrial Sales talent. He is the only industry “guru” that runs a search firm every day. He does what you do.

He was the Educational Chairperson of the Pinnacle Society, 75 of the highest achievers in the industry and he still personally mentors many members. He also owns and runs, an online training and mentoring company dedicated to enhancing the skills and jumpstarting the spirits of recruiters worldwide. His training products have become core tools for a generation of recruiters, and his keynote presentations have made him one of the most sought after speakers in the country.

HireAbility overwhelmingly voted him the industry’s most popular speaker. NAPS elected him to the Hall of Fame in 2006, he was given the first NAPS “Spirit” Award and he received the Dave Knutson Lifetime Achievement Award. was awarded Best In Class for Training Excellence from MRINetwork, and they awarded Danny their “Favorite Son Award” for being the most sought after speaker for their conferences.

In his other life, as a playwright, he has had works produced off Broadway, and won both the Maxwell Anderson and the CAB Theatre Award for playwrights. He has written for CBS Television, Muscle and Fitness Magazine, as well as numerous Trade Journals. He received his Master’s Degree in Literature from Wesleyan University and believes salespeople enjoy the world’s only job security. Danny’s book, “Harper’s Rules”, a business novel/parable, which of course features a headhunter, won the 2011 Axiom Award for Best Business Parable and 800 CEO READ shortlisted it for the 2011 Personal Development Category.

A Business Model That Explodes Billings by Giving You MORE Time, Better Production From Your Recruiters by Getting More Clients, & Greater Control of the Process.... Without Working Longer Hours and Weekends!!!

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

What You'll Learn:

⇒  Why the recruiting business CAN be EASY if you do the right things NOW. (I'll explain on the session)

⇒  The #1 Key to Building Profitable, Predictable Revenues & Highly performing Recruiters that MOST firms IGNORE!

⇒  What Most Recruiting Firms ARE MISSING that ROBS them of the success they deserve & How to Put it in place!

⇒  The Key Elements to Getting Great Clients & Keys to Getting Great Recruiters

⇒  Building a System for You and/or Your office that removes "the ups & downs" of the business!

⇒  What steps to take first to get control of your day how to avoid overwhelm

Dealing With HR: Is It the Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven? What You Do As a Recruiter Determines Which One!

Greg Doersching

Recruiters have become mostly paper pushers and HR professionals are frustrated. More HR professionals would prefer to find candidates on their own, even if it takes them more time, than to deal with recruiters. In their mind, they would rather fill the position on their own than deal with clueless recruiters. So, how can recruiters go from HR hell to trusted partner in the hiring process?

Join Greg Doersching as he shares an insider's view from the HR perspective. He had a unique opportunity to sit down with HR professionals who shared with him, in intimate detail, their common frustrations with recruiters. You can't afford to miss this session because you'll learn first hand how to improve your relationship with HR so they'll always take your call.

What You'll Learn:

⇒  The lazy things that recruiters do that frustrate HR professionals (and how to avoid this)

⇒  The 3 factors you must be willing to follow before submitting a candidate to HR (this is the Golden Rule)

⇒  The S.T.A.R. method you must use if you're going to send an unsolicited resume

⇒  The 6 things HR uses to separate the rookies from the seasoned recruiters

⇒  The single reason why HR doesn't give feedback on candidates (and what you can do to change that)

⇒  How to use just 3 questions in 20 seconds to fix the way you submit candidates

⇒  The 4 things that make you valuable to HR (low prices is not one of them)

⇒  Why HR protects the hiring manager and how you can gain access to the hiring manager

"The Recruiting Firm Owner Summit had some great speakers that provided excellent takeaways that I am able to utilize immediately.  The Summit provided a ton of great content — more information than one can typically digest in the short-term, however, the structure allowed me to focus my limited time on the topics most important to me without losing a full day out of the office. I was able to download the sessions I wanted to focus on later."

Ted Saxerud
Anjela M. Mangrum

"I keep attending the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. It is worth it! Being able to listen (and re-listen) to the top notch content at my leisure is great. Each of the speakers have provided fantastic tips I can implement immediately in my search firm.

"These are top trainers who have walked the walk and have great insights into what it takes to thrive in this changing economy. I have recommended this virtual event to many other recruiters and I am already looking forward to next year."

Anjela M. Mangrum
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Here's What Else You'll Discover...

Secrets to Hiring Right

Mike Lejeune

Have you ever hired someone, yet the person who showed up for work seemed to be their evil twin? What happened to the high energy, ambitious, seemingly self reliant talent you met in the interview? The problem may not be as much with the candidate as it is with our interview and vetting process. The success of our organizations no matter the size, is dependent on identifying, attracting, growing and retaining the special talent our industry requires. Join Mike Lejeune as he shares how to hire right so there are no surprises when they show up for work. What You'll Learn:

The questions you must ask so you uncover the candidate with the right skills and positive energy

The simple technique some of the best firms use to increase the probability of a new hires success in recruiting

How to avoid the common pitfalls that submarine the selection process

⇒ And much more!

Solo/Independent Recruiters: Discover How 4 Solo Recruiters Grew Revenue Over 223% in 2015 and How You Can Too!

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

This is a great time of the year to call a quick "time out" to get clear on a strong 2016, You probably have goals, but do you have a clear PATH to get there?

To help you out, I am interviewing 4 successful Solo/Independent Recruiters who grew billings by up to 223% in 2015!

They each will share with you a couple of strategies you can put in place now to impact your desk NOW with more openings, more exclusives, most importantly MORE BILLINGS, etc.

What You'll Learn:

⇒ How each of these added engaged/retained business to their portfolio even though most never did this type of business in the past!

⇒ How a 18 year Solo veteran generates constant business, and how he hasn't made a cold call in years!

⇒ How a Solo Recruiter who HATED tracking metrics, now religiously used them to grow revenue over 223%!

⇒ How all of these owners made "shifts" to get out of "OK" billings to blow it out last year!

The Art of the Call: Recruit Like the FBI, the Original Social Engineers

Conni LaDouceur

Learn the efficient, metrics-driven process to recruit the best candidates online and by phone and, like FBI Agents, learn the what-you-say and what-you-don't-say via NLP/Neuro-linguistics programming. Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, ExecuQuest Corp., will share efficient internet results and dissect actual calls identifying on-target talent to place the most qualified talent. Excel in increasing candidate quality for the most challenging open positions via this fun, fearless formula and improve your reputation as the Deliverer of Results!

LinkedIn has raised the bar for staffing performance. Now that the playing field is leveled, how are you distinguishing your results? The over-bearing focus on talent identification is now obsolete. PRIMARY RESEARCH, as opposed to all research found online, is the use of human network to access meaningful intelligence. Phone research and outreach continues to distinguish great recruiters' and researchers, and more importantly their companies', candidate quality results. This compelling, competitive skill will drive business growth in 2016.


"I’m an alumni of the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit and I can tell you with confidence and without knowing who the speakers will be, that I will be signing up for next year’s summit. The content is so relative to what is happening NOW in the market. The insights that are provided by the industry leaders who speak at the summit is invaluable to any firm owner. Apply just a couple of points that you pick up and you WILL see an increase in billings! Thank you for continuing to host such a great and accessible event!"

Joshua Furtado
Kyle Largent

"The Recruiting Firm Owner Summit did an EXCELLENT JOB of addressing the many areas that must be managed by an owner. The speakers did an excellent job of providing valuable takeaways that can be implemented immediately; to improve the quality of service, our messages to clients and candidates, while discussing new technologies impacting our business. This is one of the finest owner training events I attended and I didn’t have to leave my office and I have the recordings to listen to again and again!"

Kyle Largent
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You'll Also Learn...

The Opportunity Cost in Not Quitting the Dead Horse Projects

Bob Marshall

In this session, Bob will focus on identifying two huge time-wasters: Dead Horse Client Companies and Dead Horse Candidates. He will recommend how to bring them back into alignment or when it is time to 'quit' them. Once we realize this dynamic and make a unilateral commitment to never again waste our time with the 'Dead Horses' we encounter, our job will become a lot more fun and a lot more profitable!

This session is based on the excellent little book by business guru Seth Godin entitled, The Dip and Bob's 35 years of experience training and coaching in the recruitment industry. Bob will discuss the proposition that knowing what to quit and when to quit are both essential tools you and your recruiters need to carry on your daily treks into the wonderful world of recruitment.

What You'll Learn:

⇒ The poor advice we receive daily from our sports culture and why it doesn't work in recruiting

⇒ How to use the principle of opportunity cost to your benefit

⇒ How to identify and treat dead horse client companies and dead horse candidates

⇒ The easy way to figure out if you're in a Dip or in a Cul-de-Sac

⇒ How to know the difference between quitting and failing

Strategies that Work to Get Highly Responsive Clients: More Strategies on Turning Suspects into Prospects and Prospects Into Clients!

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

Invest an hour with Mike who invested 25-years studying why we get treated like garbage and how to go from an annoying vendor to a trusted adviser with your clients!

What You'll Learn:

⇒  Marketing strategies that get you in the door (without it getting slammed in your face)!

⇒  What is turning off your prospects when you speak with them (and how to avoid that forever)!

⇒  Why your calls aren't getting returned and how to change that

⇒  Why you get quoted low fees and take-it-or-leave-it terms (I'll give you strategies that can turn these into engaged fees)

Stop Throwing Feces to the Wall! The Art of Talent Management and Recruiting the Hidden "A" Player

Jon Bartos

Ninety-nine percent of recruiters in the contingent world are doing nothing but throwing faeces at the wall in hopes of something will stick so they can make a placement. They put lipstick on a pig and try to do whatever they can to get someone hired in order to make their house payment. Because of this - the greatest chance for your client to make a mis-hire - will be in this non exclusive contingent process. Join Jon Bartos as he shares how you can stop wasting time and start recruiting the right talent.

What You'll Learn:

⇒ How to build a world class team of that out performs the competition

⇒ The simple technique you must use so you spot the hidden "A" players on job boards right away

⇒  The high value of non-value recruitment calls (and why you should be making them)

⇒  And much more!

“By attending the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit, I was able to take away valuable information from other guys in the industry who have proven themselves time and time again. The information shared has given me new methods to structure my business, ways that I can recognize a “real” order, and has shown me how to increase the billing from my desk and the desks of my recruiters.

I also appreciate the fact that I can go back and listen to the speakers again later if I missed something or if I needed to take a call in the middle of the live presentation. Thank you guys for a successful summit. I’m looking forward to attending next year’s as well.”

Josh Sauter
Ross Weil

“Thank you for putting together the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. It was invigorating to hear from industry gurus that still make placements and work a desk. The content of the telesummit was broken down into details that can actually be implemented into our business, which seems to be one of our biggest challenges. We have already started tracking metrics in new ways and have started to make placements in a more effective and efficient way. I look forward to attending the virtual summit next year.”

Ross Weil
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You'll Also Discover These Tactics...

The Psychology of Killer Negotiations

Neil Lebovits

You have probably attended a negotiation seminar or two in your day. Great ones can span a whole weekend. We will cut to the chase and give you the behind the scenes "psychological" reasons why these methods work.

Learn why it is a game that simply has to be played. See how your positioning during this game will have a direct impact on your final result, from the very first words that you utter. Learn, the subtle and creative ways to achieve your outcome without your client or prospect losing a thing.


Using Social Media in Recruiting to Become an Irresistible Magnet for Clients & Candidates

Mike Gionta, Host & Facilitator

Tweeting job openings on Twitter is not a social media strategy. In this session you will learn KEY strategies on how to use Social Media the RIGHT way, PLUS, you'll learn how to easily install a few strategies that integrate several common social media platforms that will allow you to:

⇒  Become a "micro-celebrity" in your recruiting niche

⇒  Get clients calling YOU (and working on YOUR terms) with hot new assignments

⇒  Breaking through the "clutter" of information overload to be the "go to" recruiter in your niche

⇒  How to do this in less than ONE HOUR per week

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The recordings to the 2016 Recruiting Firm Owner Summit will go for as much as $497, but you won’t invest that much. If you get the recordings before May 31, 2016, you’ll invest just $297.

"The speakers were an excellent group of experts in each of the important subjects covered. Each one had a significant contribution and new content that offered recruiting owners ways to increase their bottom line sales and improve their firms. It was intensive training at its best. What’s great is we can go back and listen again to each speaker – which will further solidify the techniques and encourage the implementation.

“I also gained so much new information from the summit that was not only useable and exciting, but also crucial to succeeding in today’s market. I would highly recommend you to all recruiting owners to invest the time and money to take access the summit. A further comment – the sense of humor that Mike and the other speakers brought to the summit helped to lighten the intense content and make each day zip by. No boring speakers at this summit! I am looking forward to future telesummits– keep me posted."

Jan Gibson

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imgSpeaker-gionta-150x150This is your moment. You’re now one step closer to your business goals. I look forward to helping you get there.

Here’s to your recruitment business success!

Michael Gionta
Host & Facilitator, Recruiting Firm Owner’s Summit

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